What We Do

Seems simple enough, right? Let's break it down further in words

  • GlobalEmpact establishes relationships with at-risk communities across the world that do not have enough money or infrastructure to deal with a medical emergency.

  • We sign the at-risk groups up to join our community-based health insurance initiative. They pay a small premium which ends up being less than $3/person a year – a little more than one warm cup of coffee! Now, this premium covers health and life insurance as well as frequent health seminars - for the whole family! Yay well-being!

  • They are onboarded as soon as they sign up for GlobalEmpact. Their $3 premium is kept safe in the GlobalEmpact pot for health emergencies that may arise – this is where you come in. Why? Because we want to make sure the pot is ready to absorb any emergency that occurs, so we add your donations to the same GlobalEmpact pot! Your donations will strengthen and secure the at-risk group's future because your donations – be it $5 or $500 – will help any community member in a tight fix. He or she won’t have to worry about falling into endless poverty if one of his or her loved ones falls ill.

  • During onboarding, grantees are given an ID and seminar on the GlobalEmpact family and how exactly we make the magic happen.


  • Now, whenever a grantee runs into a pickle– his daughter breaks her arm for example -  GlobalEmpact steps in. Through our network of partners and hospitals and the money you have contributed to, we will ensure that the at-risk community member can focus on their daughter and not have to worry about any catastrophic fall out due to the mishap. Wooo health insurance for all!

  • You guys (the donors) are notified every step of the way using our interactive donor portal page and app. So you’ll be notified when a grantee enters, exits, gets an injection, has surgeries, x-rays, even the amount of sleep the grantee is getting and the type of bedding he’s sleeping on (just kidding, we’re not stalkers). But wait! You won’t be notified only about crises! You’ll also be updated about grantees personal life events such as birth, marriage, achievements, cultural rights of passage and the like. Aside from notifications, you will also be able to directly interact with our grantees and fellow donors.  We are one big family, after all.

  • Now, there’s probably going to be money left over at the end of the year. What happens to that? Old-school micro-insurance schemes are set up to allow the insurance company to profit from any left over money. But we’re different. We know that once we stop the disaster we must also help the community invest in themselves. So we take the excess money and invest in capital projects within the community, where they can take the money and create opportunities for themselves.


  • So what are you waiting for? Bringing about positive change is only the price of one cup of coffee away.

Ibu's Story

Watch how Ibu's life can go in two different directions after an unexpected shock and how GlobalEmpact's community microinsurance platform makes all the difference.