Khabib's initiative - Nigeria

Global Empact has partnered with UFC World Champion Khabib ''The Eagle" Nurmagomedov to build mosques and wells in Nigeria! One of Khabib's dreams has always been to use his fighting skills and fame to help the less fortunate, and we need you to make it a reality.


Constructing an average size mosque in Nigeria costs $15,000 and by aiding Khabib's effort in doing so, you'll be creating much needed community centers of learning for various in-need populations throughout Nigeria.  Khabib is also building wells where access to water is difficult. Mosques and wells, funded in full, can be named by its respective benefactor with a name of his/her choice.

Mosques - $15,000 each

  • Each mosque will serve a village with roughly 200-300 men, women, and children. 

  • In addition to acting as a place of worship, the mosques will serve as community centers and centers of education.

  • Any patron or group of patrons who donate the entire amount of $15,000 for a mosque will be given the right to name the mosque.


Wells - $1,200 each

  • It goes without saying that fresh, clean drinking water is a luxury that most remote African villages do not have access to. This is your chance to make a difference. 

  • Each well will provide fresh drinking water for both the village in which it has been dug, and surrounding villages and outskirts.

  • Any patron or group of patrons who donate the entire amount of $1,200 for a well will be given the right to name the well.



​If you believe charity is more than just spoon feeding the destitute, it’s about helping them when there’s a fork in the road, then join our mailing list.

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