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About us

Managing risk and fighting through economic shocks are a part of life. It’s how we are able to deal with these shocks that make all the difference. Those with adequate access to risk management tools have the peace of mind needed to live their lives with the knowledge that if something was to go wrong, they’re covered. For the very poor, however, even simple shocks can become financially catastrophic. Annually, over 100 million people spiral below the poverty line due to an event that could have been managed.

Global Empact is taking a new approach to risk pooling and delivering risk management tools to the most vulnerable people in the world. We are providing peer to peer microinsurance by pooling already existing groups of uninsured people, inputting their statistical information into our risk calculator tool to determine the needed pool size, plugging the groups into our dynamic social connectivity platform, and enabling our large group of donors to join these groups. Our product maintains all the positive attributes of a tightly knit group and allows it to attract donations from across the globe so that the pool size grows to the size needed to deliver high quality risk protection. Any unused money in the pool at year end is invested in capital projects within the community, where they can take the money and create opportunities for themselves.

Global Empact partners with top NGO’s, MFI’s, and social businesses interested in leveraging our microinsurance platform to better serve the communities they are already working in. Our partners share Global Empact’s commitment to provide universal healthcare and financial security to the poor.

Our Team

Zeeshan Qasim
Chief Executive Officer

Zeeshan serves Global Empact as CEO with a focus on growing impact across the world and finding new opportunities and partners. Zeeshan is a CPA with 8+ years of experience working in Silicon Valley in financial and accounting leadership roles for startups and Fortune 100 companies. He has also founded several successful NGO’s and raised over $1.5m in impact investment. His passion for creating opportunities for the less fortunate has driven him to start Global Empact.

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Fazal Mogaddedi
Chief operating Officer

Fazal serves as Global Empact’s COO with a focus on developing products and managing partnerships. Fazal has a unique blend of corporate and NGO experience. Since completing his undergraduate studies at the prestigious UC Berkeley, he has worked in technology at Google and has spent time in online education and global development work. Fazal brings this unique skillset along with a dedication to enhancing the lives of the poor to Global Empact.

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Kamran Qasim
Chief Technology Officer

Kamran brings his vast technical experience to Global Empact and develops and manages all technological aspects of our product offerings. Kamran is a seasoned Silicon Valley engineer and has worked in both the government and corporate sectors. Over the last 10 years, he has developed cybersecurity programs for NASA, Gilead, and EA. Kamran’s commitment to the poor and aspirations to make the world a better place bring him to Global Empact.

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Saif Baig
Medical Advisor

Saif serves as Global Empact’s Medical Advisor after having completed his M.D. at the University of California, San Diego and Surgical Internship at Case Western Reserve University. In addition, as a medical student, Saif has successfully managed a surgery and ophthalmology clinics for underserved residents in downtown San Diego, procuring grant-funded surgical services for various disease. He hopes to leverage his experience and training to make medical care more accessible through the use of bioinformatics and cloud utilization. Additionally, Dr. Baig has published and presented in the fields of radiology and ophthalmology in ARVO, IOVS, Ophthalmology, and ACR.

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Torab Arya
Chief Marketing Officer

Torab has worked as a community activist in the Bay Area for over 15 years. He brings his multi-faceted marketing expertise to serve as Global Empact’s Chief Marketing Officer and leads all marketing initiatives. Professionally he has worked at some of Silicon Valleys most successful companies, such as Salesforce and NetSuite.

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